Update on ‘lil Jack; Please Continue Praying

Jack Budensiek

Many of you have said you are praying for ‘lil Jack Budensiek. We have prayed for him as a family and with the people of Providence Church. I want to update you from my last update a couple of weeks ago. Little Jack is fighting. I weep as I pray for God to spare his life and strengthen his parents. Will you join me in praying?

Here is the latest report from a relative of the family:

11:00 am update 6/14. Jack Budensiek:

 Right now there is a lot of pain and fear at the hospital. John, Ada, and the family fear the roller coaster ride of emotions they’ve already faced, could happen again. It’s almost hard to say things are looking up, when the fear of facing that same horrible incident all over again is still looming in the back of their minds.

However, God says He inhabits the praises of his people; so we are going to step back and look at what God has done and is doing, and we are going to praise Him for those things right now!

 1.) When Jack’s accident first happened, the surgeon thought there was little hope for him. He would either die or have serious brain damage. Neither of those things happened. Doctors were amazed; God was in control.

Jack responds to mother for 1st time.

2.) The next horrible trauma then occurred. Jack was rushed in for emergency surgery where a massive blood clot was removed from his brain. The doctors gave the family no hope of Jack ever waking up from this surgery…at best, a 20% chance. The surgeon apologized to John and Ada, telling them he was sorry there was nothing more he could do for Jack! After they took him off of his induced coma state, Jack woke up!!!

 3.) They were then concerned whether or not he would breathe on his own once they took off his ventilator, wondering if his brain would connect with that function. Jack is breathing on his own, 100%, without a ventilator!!

 4.) He has responded in small ways and the doctors are now, once again, very encouraged at his progress so far, even though it is a very slow process!!

God IS in control!!!! Thank you, Lord, for what You are doing! Thank you for hearing the prayers of your people!! We still need everyone’s prayers because it is especially hard for John and Ada to see him in so much pain right now. Everyone is exhausted and this process is a difficult one to go through.

As we go through hard times, such as this, it makes me so incredibly thankful that we have God. There have been so many things in my life when I know I wouldn’t have made it the way I did, if I couldn’t have taken my circumstances to God.

Without Him, there is no hope, whether we are in a condition such as Jack, or strong and healthy. Everyone please keep praying for Jack, but also remember to help us praise Him, our incredible God, who is working…even though we may not understand, yet, all His ways! Thank you, Heavenly Father, that our sweet Jack is alive! We praise You, and we are trusting You in these dark times we do not understand! Your ways are not our ways.”

To follow updates on Jack more closely, you can go to Jack’s Facebook page.


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