Answered Prayer; Update on ‘lil Jack

Last week my brother contacted me asking to pray for a good friend and his 4-yr-old son, who had a 150-175 lbs. piece of furniture fall on him and crush his head. Immediately I requested prayer on Twitter and Facebook. I rec’d numerous replies from people praying, even people who I’ve never met (but were praying because the request circulated on Twitter.) It was a powerful demonstration of body of Christ.

It was also a powerful example of prayer. Immediately, I began to hear positive reports about little John. I found his uncle’s Facebook page to read the hour-by-hour updates. Little John’s family are Christians and they have a strong prayer network around them. As a father of a 5-yr-old, the thought of the accident anguished me. Within days, ‘lil John’s uncle posted a moving picture of John responding to his mother for the first time. The sight was awesome, though his injuries were painfully visible.

Tuesday, ‘lil John’s father sent out this note to his colleagues & friends, and it is a great report of God answering prayers:

I just wanted to take a minute and personally thank all of you who have been praying for Jack. God has worked one miracle after another in Jack’s life that the doctors did not even think were possible. As soon as I lifted the object which fell onto Jack’s head and body, both my wife and I knew he was in bad shape and thought he might not survive. At the hospital, both the trauma doctor and the neurosurgeon met with us and described Jacks injury as the worst kind of skull fracture that a person can sustain. The doctors showed us the CAT scan of the bleeding and the air accumulation that was already taking place in and around the skull and said that it only made sense to expect more bleeding and bruising based on the severe injury to the skull and a tear in the sack around the brain which holds the brain, spinal fluid etc. The doctor drilled a hole in Jack’s skull and installed a device used to measure pressure inside the skull. The doctor was pleasantly surprised that the pressure was almost normal. The doctor warned us that he expected significant swelling around the brain and would not know the extent of the damage to the brain for at least 48 hours to five days. Because of God’s divine intervention, and as a result of all your prayers and the prayers of many others, that swelling never got worse than what the initial CAT scan showed, but instead got better. The swelling outside of the skull however made Jack’s head swell behind his right ear until his head was sticking out almost as far as his ear. Within 50 hours of the accident, the doctor was having the ventilator removed from Jack to see if he could breath on his own, which he did with no problem. On Friday the doctor told my wife and I that he had never had a patient survive with the type of skull fracture (multiple fractures) Jack has. I could go on and on about all of the miracles that have happened to Jack as a result of everyone praying. To make this short, I will say that Jack is doing very good considering all the broken bones in his head. The doctor is no longer worried about swelling around the brain and has taken Jack off of narcotics in an effort to force him to thrive. While it is painful for me to watch, Jack has shown us that his motor skills, along with his short and long term memory are good.  Only by God’s grace, it appears that once Jack’s skull and face heal he could be completely normal.

I have signed a lot of cards over the years, along  with giving my ten or twenty dollars to various people who were sick or had recently lost a loved one. I never knew how much all of that meant until something traumatic happened to my family. The support, the cards and the money have been a huge and needed blessing to my family.

Again I want to give God the glory for working in Jack’s life. Please continue to pray for Jack, he still has a long way to go before he is fully recovered.

Thanks to all my friends, and twitter acquaintances, for praying. It has been an awesome encouragement and testimony to my brother. Please continue to pray. Just moments after I rec’d this note, I also rec’d a text saying ‘lil John just had a seizure this morning and is being rushed into emergency surgery. Please continue to pray.


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