The Purpose of TwoFour

We are about to try something new for Providence Church. Starting Wednesday, March 31st, we are going to start meeting twice a month as a core group, allowing for our two community groups to come together as a corporate gathering.

Every second and fourth Wednesday of the month, we will meet at the Buckingham Community Center from 7-8:15pm (map). We are calling it our TwoFour Meeting (so that we’ll never forget 2nd and 4th Wednesday). The Purpose of our TwoFour Meeting is as follows:

1.    To better communicate our Purpose & Plans. Up to this point, we gather only when worshiping with Grace Baptist, our sending church. Communication has been limited to emails and blogs. TwoFour will give us more opportunity to communicate and plan heading forward.

2.    To PRAY and seek God together. TwoFour will be a prayer meeting, if it will be anything. We are begging God to use us to plant the gospel in East Lee county. We desire to do nothing as a new church without depending on God to do it.

3.    To worship through Scripture, testimony & song. A portion of TwoFour will be devoted to hearing from God’s Word, hearing testimonies of what God is doing in our lives, and singing hymns and praises to God.

4.     To foster unity between our two community groups (and future groups). TwoFour will allow us to bond together those actively living for Christ in our community groups.

5.    To invite others in the area to come and join us. Those who know our members well are more likely to attend a community group when invited. TwoFour, however, gives us a place to invite those whom we have relationships with, but do not know as well.

6.    To provide training/practice for responsibilities that will involve launching a Sunday morning service. There is a real sense that we will need the experience and practice setting up and leading a time of worship as a new church. TwoFour gives us this opportunity at a smaller, less formal level.

We have the facility rented from 6:30-8:30pm. We will need some people to come help set chairs up at 6:30pm. There is a nice playground outside for kids to play on while we are setting up. The service begins at 7pm!


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