Reflections from the Global Church Advancement (GCA) Conference

I have greatly benefited from seminary training concentrated on church planting, and other denominational training. But the most comprehensive church planting training I have received to date has come from Steve Childers and the Global Church Advancement (GCA). Last week I was fortunate to attend the conference a second time in six months. This time, I brought with me seven others from our core group. Here is a summary of my reflections from the week.

Few Christians apparently understand the mission we’ve been given. As a church planter on my second church planting endeavor, I am keenly aware of the lack of understanding many Christians have for the Mission of God. I do not say that arrogantly. I did not gain what little understanding I have about church planting on my own. But really, how many Christians give serious thought about how their church was started? How many consider, “If God did not use someone to start this church, we would not be joined with this biblical community of Jesus followers.” This week I watched as Christians pondered this for the first time. Continue reading