Surprises from God, Changes in Life

On February 8, 2009, our friends Carlos and Lily Llambes, missionaries in Santo Domingo, shared with our Sunday School class that the surprises from God are always good. Four days later, God surprised me!

Many of you, our friends, have been wondering whats happening with the Bergens. We have been somewhat out of touch for two months. Over the next few weeks, I hope to share the latest developments and happenings in our life and ministry through this blog.

We have had some surprising changes in life as of late. Yet, we are confident none of this has caught God by surprise. This surprise did not come gently to us, but we have found Christ to be enough in life. And, we see the potential for exciting changes on the horizon.

Over the past two months, we have been sustained by the grace of God, and have been encouraged by many of you, with your kindness to us and your prayers. God has truly lavished His goodness on our family through so many who have prayed with us and stood with us to bear some of our burdens.

For now, here is what we can share. (We realize some of you are not aware of these recent changes.) On February 12th, after 20 months serving a church here in SW Florida, I was relieved of my duties as the pastor of evangelism. This was the result of the economic recession which has greatly affected Lee County,  much more so than most of the country. (Lee County, FL has been #1 or #2 in the country in home foreclosures over the past year.) Nevertheless, we know God intended for us to serve Him in this church during this short time. We have witnessed the work of God and have grown close to many who are living lives that have been forever changed by the Gospel.

In mid-February I was asked to prayerfully consider joining a church whose heart to reach their community has led them in the process of beginning a brand new church. If in the near future God confirms this as His will, we will hope to have many of you partnering with us in prayer to see another Gospel-centered church started. This appears to us to be the providence of God at work.

We plan to use this site to give more updates in the future. In the coming weeks, we plan on sharing more as things progress. Thanks for your continued prayer and support.


10 thoughts on “Surprises from God, Changes in Life

  1. Thanks for the update brother– my heart and prayers go out to you and family. I had to let two staff members go this month. Neither for economic reasons however, but other things. It was tough and one hasn’t taken it well.

  2. Hey Shawn
    Thanks for the update. Our family will be praying for you and asking God to guide you through this adventure in your life. If you need anything please let us know. Love to the family. Cheers bro!

  3. Thanks for the update! Please do keep us informed. The website is a great idea. Anyway, we’re extremely proud of you and know that all things will work together for good. You’re in the center of God’s will.

  4. Bergens,

    Your faith & pursuit of God in the midst of this storm has been (& still is) a great example to all of us of perseverance & trust in our God Who is good.

    Know that we love you & will continue to pray for you & be there for you as needed. Grace & peace. PS – can you e-mail me your address?


  5. Shawn & Mary,
    God is AWESOME! You’re right Shawn, God is not surprised by anything. Looking forward to see what God has in store for you. Praying for all of you. GREAT Blog!

  6. Shawn,

    You and your family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers ~ fully confident that God has, is, and will continue to use you for His glory. Please remember to let me know how I can be a blessing to your family in the days and weeks ahead.

  7. Hi Shawn and Mary,

    I praise God for what he is doing in your lives! I’m excited for you all and am praying that God will continue to pour out his very best blessings on you all!

    p.s. I miss you guys!!!

  8. Shaun:
    So good to hear how God is Sustaining you and your family. We are now attending Summit Church in Estaro, close to or home. It is a young church close to the college and is focused on evangilism. 25% of all income goes to missions.
    We are looking forward to your updates.

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